Imagine a whole new kind of political campaign.

No mega-donors. No attack ads.
Just people working together to run clean and powerful campaigns.

Our mission is to free the political process from the influence of big money with a unique approach:

Helping candidates win with less money, by helping volunteers do more.

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The Problem

Our democracy is endangered by the influence of money in politics.

Our society is being torn apart by the hostility of our public debate.

Campaign spending is out of control. We’re drowning in attack ads. Candidates are trapped raising money 8 hours a day. 

Voters are disgusted with the whole process. Too many are turning away from politics altogether. 

Our Solution

What can we do? Transform our political campaign process. Rebuild it from the ground up, based on solid evidence and powered by the one thing money can’t buy:
people like you.

The most effective way to reach voters is also the most affordable: volunteers and supporters delivering a positive message, in-person, to their friends and neighbors.

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What Is UpRise?

UpRise will be a nationwide online community of volunteers, supporters, and community leaders, equipped with the tools they need to carry out professional quality campaigns.

This transformative community network and app toolbox will enable a new wave of positive, volunteer-driven, word-of-mouth based campaigns, and disrupt the conventional model of negative, ad based campaigns.

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There is a better way.

Imagine people running for office and winning without having to go negative or beg for money. Elected officials will answer to voters, not donors.

This vision can become reality, with your help.

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Donate today. Join this community and become the change this country so desperately needs.