Imagine a whole new kind of political campaign.

Our mission is to help free the political process from the influence of big money:

We help candidates win with less money, by helping volunteers do more.

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No mega-donors. No attack ads.
Just people and candidates
working together to run powerful,
volunteer driven campaigns.

The Problem

The influence of money is threatening our democracy. Campaign spending is out of control. Candidates spend eight hours a day raising money, resulting in government that serves those who can afford to pay.

Our Solution

Rebuild our campaign process from the ground up. Research shows that most effective way to reach voters is to engage volunteers to deliver a positive message, in-person, to their friends and neighbors.

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What Is UpRise?

UpRise will be a nationwide online action network of volunteers, supporters, and community leaders, equipped with tools to run professional quality volunteer-driven campaigns.

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“We need more folks like Uprise Campaigns working on revolutionizing the way we campaign. If we are going to continue to pull in newer generations of voters we must think outside the box and find new and different ways to reach the growing and ever-changing electorate.”

– Sally Boynton Brown, Executive Director, Idaho Democratic Party and
President of the Association of State Democratic Executive Directors